songfinder is one of the world's leading music licensing and music supervision companies. We specialize in general and last-minute music supervision and licensing and in saving our clients substantial sums in licensing fees.

Now into its third decade of music supervision and license clearance for television, radio, advertising and general media companies in the United States and Europe, songfinder provides:

 estimates: free research and free estimates on any song for any use

 efficiency: in securing timely music licenses for all broadcast uses

 economy: through our extensive contacts at records labels and music publishers we can    negotiate licensing fees within your budget at significantly reduced rates

 expertise: in recommending the perfect music for your project - any genre, any era

 experience: more than 20 years of music supervision and music licensing in the US and    Europe - meeting the music needs of a myriad of television, film, radio and advertising    clients

Whatever your music needs for television series, promos, radio, film soundtracks or advertising, please contact us at:
Tel: (USA) 404-437-7978